by Joseph T. Humphrey
Intrepid Pen Publishing

"There was no name on the book, but a symbol of a hammer in silver foil was embedded into the cover."

Henry and Charley's classmate is seemingly kidnapped at school. The abnormal incident thoroughly shakes them. As they search for their missing friend, the mystery deepens while everything and everyone appears to return to normal. Danger and violence soon follow after Henry discovers a mysterious, ancient book and shadowy creatures hunt him. Here, Humphrey intensifies the suspense, introducing readers to a remarkable new realm and skillfully segueing into the principal plot that forms the novel's second half. Without revealing too much, a life-changing secret from Henry's parents explains the arrival and purpose of these strange creatures. Humphrey keeps the action pumping once Henry joins forces with Charley and his parents in an epic battle for their lives.

This is a book full of monsters. From the start, Humphrey's story takes off and doesn't stop. In a book where Stranger Things meets The Neverending Story, Humphrey weaves a fantastical tale that will leave readers eagerly awaiting the next book. Set in both ordinary and extraordinary time, Humphrey creates a fascinating otherworldly landscape that is both familiar and wild. He equally builds a solid plot with steady, rising tension, leading the reader on a momentous journey with clues and twists unfolding along the way. Short chapters balance out the narrative of this hefty book, making for a surprisingly fast-paced thriller. It's a richly detailed and vivid novel complete with action, magic, and mystery that is satisfying and appealing. It sets forth a promising new series, establishing Humphrey as a rising fantasy writer to watch.

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