Bronson Beaver Builds a Robot
by Teko Bernard
Tabron Publishing

" was time to stop playing and get back to the business of being a Beaver, productive and helping others."

The hero of this tale is a talented young beaver descended from a long line of warm-coated relatives who built, owned, and now operate a log cabin lodge in Beaver Valley. They're also known for making the best pancakes at super-fast speeds due to Bronson's invention: the Pancake Maker Pro.

Like many young people, Bronson and his two friends are good at playing games online. They hope to win the $3,000 prize for a Zombie Fight tournament being held on the weekend. Unfortunately, Bronson's dad has given him a chore list to do before their annual pancake festival on Sunday. A well-known food critic will be there to test the pancakes, along with seventeen thousand paying customers. Can a creative inventor build and train a robot in one day to complete the chore list so he can play with the team? What could possibly go wrong? Whatever happens, Bronson's best friends have his back.

Bernard has put a lot of himself into his lead character. Like Bronson Beaver, the author is an imaginative person who highly regards family values. Bernard gave up a graphic design career to write the kind of children's books that illustrate his values. Readers of middle-grade chapter books are the target audience. This age group will relate well with the professional, full-page illustrations that accompany the story. Parents will also engage eagerly with the author's approach. His style is neither preachy nor didactic. This furry family tale will likely become a favorite of young readers, while the positive message should have parents cheering for more.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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