"Winning the battle against global warming is all about the water."

This book explains that humanity must slowly heal from the effects of climate change. Even if net zero carbon emissions could be accomplished, the effects of climate change would persist for centuries. Because of this, the author makes a convincing case for climate change bridges, including what these bridges might be and why they are needed.

Matthew discusses off-ramps as small mitigating factors to treat the symptoms of climate change rather than the carbon problem alone. For example, we have partially depleted our freshwater resources. If we replenish groundwater, we could somewhat counter the rising oceans. One bridge would be desalinization on a larger scale. Other problems include severe pollution and rising water temperatures, which can accelerate the extinction of whole species.

Some readers may wonder at some of the author's proposed solutions, such as "Build 100-200 islands... from current and future plastic and other debris from the ocean." Yet somehow, it all makes sense. Furthermore, the ideas are well-referenced so that readers can easily dive deeper when they wish. The author is an expert on his subject, with a master’s degree in biotechnology enterprise and entrepreneurship and graduate work in sustainability. He has also earned an MBA, adding to his understanding of the economic side of climate issues. Matthew is also a superb writer because he explains things for the layperson without condescension. Because climate change literally affects everyone, this book will hold value for almost anyone. Readers will come away smarter after reading this half-economics, half-science text that is written for all audiences.

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