By, For, and About Marines: A Book of Notable Quotes of the U.S. Marine Corps
by Lt. Col. Sidney Atwater, US Marine Corps (Ret)

"'The appearance of Marines on foreign soil has always in the past indicated the beginning of extremely dangerous military adventures.'"

The United States Marine Corps enjoys a special blend of awe and mystique surrounding it that few other branches of the military can claim. Time and time again, they have been called upon to heroically do the impossible. As a result, they have earned respect in the eyes of their peers the world over. This book tells the history of the Marines one quote at a time, from all kinds of sources both within the military and outside of it. Rather than serving as a comprehensive historical text, this book compiles quotes from politicians, presidents, soldiers, and civilians to put together the storied and fascinating history of the famous military branch. The author sets the stage for each chapter, explaining the times and the conflict the Marines are engaged in. The voices of the past fill in the details from there, creating a rich oral history of this elite fighting force.

One might expect a book of quotations to be a breezy curiosity rather than a serious and thorough account. However, the author has compiled a massive number of quotes to provide perspective from multiple angles and across centuries. The result is far from a complete academic historical account but rather something more personal and human. These are words often from people who had to live through violent and challenging moments rather than simply study them from afar. Still, there is also plenty of humor, including a glossary of colorful and amusing terms used within the Marines to describe the mundane. Historians will find here something more elaborate and intimate than a textbook of plans and maneuvers. Meanwhile, anyone in the Marine Corps, whether active or retired, will find a historical representation of their culture and lifestyle brought to life through the words and minds of many significant figures.

Honorable Mention in the 2022 Eric Hoffer Book Award Reference Category

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