COP Corner
by J.J. Zerr
Primix Publishing

"Get there first and loud and you have established TRUTH ALMIGHTY. We need a place where we can put OUR truth out there."

The five men gather at the American Legion to talk about the golden years of their lives and to gripe. Gregory Normal, aka Notso, is the unofficial leader of this ragtag group. The country, if not the world, has gone haywire in the wake of COVID-19 and the presidency of Donald Trump. The men decide to publish their thoughts in an online newsletter to share the truth with the public. The magazine is called COP (Curmudgeonly Old Poop) corner. The men want to tackle issues such as common sense and finding a middle ground to political extremes. With each issue, the men stress the core beliefs that members must adhere to. As each new issue arrives online, the publication gains more traction. The men are attracting a following, but also face more scrutiny.

This is a book that feels more necessary with the passing of each day. Zerr has written a funny and moving portrayal of world-weary seniors who no longer wish to be silent. The quintet is no longer content to merely gripe about their wives, their failing prostates, or their political icons. Instead, they want to bring civilized discourse back into the lexicon. The opinions the men espouse may not be popular or without argument among themselves, but they are earnest. Zerr conveys his character’s views in an engaging manner that never feels forced, and there is always room for debate. While Notso is the main protagonist in the story, the cast of characters that round out the story is an eclectic sort who will either leave the reader in stitches or in tears. Zerr’s work is thought-provoking and truly inspired.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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