Calvin the Christmas Tree
by Stephen G. Bowling
Valley of Mexico

"Calvin knew he was little, but he was sure he could make a family happy on Christmas. And he knew Farmer Stumpstinkle would pick him. He just knew it!"

Calvin is the smallest Christmas tree on Farmer Stumpstinkle's Christmas tree farm. Even though he is just a baby tree, he is determined to be chosen to bring joy to a family's household. Calvin listens to his parent's advice, eating so he can grow strong and being patient, but he cannot help feeling a little disappointed each day as his fellow Christmas trees are chosen by Farm Stumpstinkle to bring joy to families. He waits and waits, but no one picks him. Calvin is almost left alone on Christmas Eve when a young boy spots him and asks his father if he can bring the tree home. He has finally been chosen! Calvin gets planted in the family's front yard. The boy rushes outside to decorate him. Calvin remains planted in their front yard, where he grows to become the most magnificent Christmas tree in the entire world.

It will not be surprising if Bowling’s book quickly becomes the next classic family Christmas story. Written in poetic prose and accompanied by beautiful illustrations, this delightful children's book radiates with Christmas spirit. Adults and children alike will enjoy sitting by a fire and reading this story during the holiday season. Within this simple tale hides multiple life lessons for readers of all ages. Readers will learn the importance of being themselves, being patient as they wait for the right time to come, and the importance of loving themselves exactly as they are. Any reader, no matter their cultural or religious background, will enjoy this story about growth, love, and triumph.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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