"Climate change in Canada is a weapon, not an environmental concern. Its goal is to shift power to a socialist central government."

In making the case that Canada's oil and gas industry has been the backbone of the country's domestic economy over the past century, Benstead celebrates his fellow Canadians' ingenuity and strong work ethic. He warns that—especially under the current leadership of Justin Trudeau—misguided politics and an out-of-touch bureaucracy is jeopardizing that very prosperity. The author, who spent forty years in the industry, discusses major infrastructure projects that exemplify this "Canadian tragedy," including the Trans Mountain Expansion and Keystone XL pipeline. Benstead is highly critical of the "noble idea" which seems to currently guide the Canadian government's decision making. Specifically, this involves egalitarianism, favoring bilingualism, mass protesting and interference by outside citizenry for indigenous rights, and an obsession with climate change. Noting the importance of some of them, the author nonetheless offers a harsh critique of these efforts. They may "sound good in theory," but the ultimate, realistic, and costly results have been "counterproductive bureaucracy and centralization of power."

Benstead states unequivocally that the age of fossil fuels is not over. He passionately makes the case that the "magnificence of God's creation and our natural resources," with its "majesty of hundreds of years of sedimentation, layering, compression and subsequent twisting and folding is a real story more exciting than any adventure novel." The breadth and depth of Benstead's knowledge—both of oil and gas resource development, as well as detailed Canadian history (political, social, economic, and otherwise)—are quite apparent. As such, his book is impressively filled with detailed, factual data on all of the interconnected realms as they relate to energy production. Benstead's work offers an illuminating insight into Canada's rich, strong economic past and the obstacles he sees as necessary to overcome to sustain such national prosperity.

Category Finalist for the 2021 Eric Hoffer Book Award

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