"The eyes are the binoculars to the world we see, analyzing information brought in by the foreknowledge inputted into the brain."

In his insightful book about character and its role in relationships, Pollard uses his forty years of experience and passion on the topic to advise readers on how to maintain healthy and successful relationships. Before he starts, he reminds readers of the importance of a person's investment in their relationships, comparing it to an investment one would make to an IRA. One invests in it and, in return, expects a positive outcome.

Pollard begins his book by defining relevant terms, such as character and functional vs. dysfunctional character. He illustrates these with ideas he circles back to throughout the book. He discusses unwritten rules that often lead relationships to trouble but also uses real-world scenarios to offer advice and suggestions on combatting that danger in a relationship while also revealing to readers the secret of a well-rounded character.

As the book continues, Pollard focuses on convincing readers to secure a plan for when inevitable trials come in life. He explains that life's bumps will have a less disastrous effect with good character, especially character built from a young age. He disproves popular cliches such as "opposites attract" and "arguments make relationships stronger" and instead encourages readers to compare the principles of algebra to their relationship instead. Only a positive plus a positive can equal a positive.

By the end of the book, Pollard's readers will likely gain a sense of confidence as they reflect on their relationships with new confidence from tools such as truth, trust, and love and an understanding of how to use those tools to maintain a healthy relationship. After discussing the value of boundaries and how to repair broken relationships, Pollard closes with an affirming and unwavering belief that no matter how damaged a relationship may seem, it is capable of restoration.

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