"In between an event and our reaction to it is a space that we need to be expanding."

The book opens with a harrowing story of personal courage that Curtis found in a moment as she let her mind settle, which ended the normal frightened reaction and let her choose the right next move in order to stop an even more shocking event. Curtis, an accredited master coach and the founder of Curtis Leadership Consulting, shares that peak achievers follow much the same route to stop and change their habits in order to motivate them toward a higher level of performance. Their “neural circuitry” is then used to create a vision of what goal achievement and greatness look like in every challenge.

Highlighting greatness in others, Curtis asks entrepreneurs, including Lara Merriken, founder of LARABAR, and Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, to share how they were motivated to achieve continued success. She arrived at the conclusion that successful entrepreneurs' choices are particular to their imaginations and the challenges that bring them to the change they wish to contribute their energy to. Including key points from interviews, Curtis provides useful in-depth questions, charts, and a toolkit that can increase self-confidence within a career journey. She also shares a helpful “greatness chart” to help gauge where the reader is on their path and provides a plan for “choosing greatness” that anyone can follow.

Curtis stresses the importance of placing one's focus on goals, determining the value of each, then creating and understanding the initiatives that drive them. With an engaging and positive writing style, she does not hold back on thought-provoking personal stories, interviews with notable entrepreneurs, and relatable coaching sessions. Curtis provides practical tips on the achievement of mindfulness and reminds the reader that there is always time to think.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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