Chubby Wubbles & Coco: 2 Missing Ferrets
by M.J. Abrams
Westwood Books Publishing

"Because they had a special bond they promised to always be together, never losing sight of one another ever again."

Chubby Wubbles is a sweet little ferret who enjoys playing with his best ferret friend, Coco, until one day when Coco disappears. He has little time to process this sudden loss in his life before his owner, a busy but kind-hearted woman named Mary, gives Chubby to her brother Jeffrey, and the two of them become almost inseparable. Despite his new buddy, Chubby continues to miss Coco, and he even gets into trouble when he leaves his apartment home and goes to the nearby park searching for her. Thankfully, Jeffrey is indeed a true friend who takes great care of Chubby, and after several heartfelt twists and turns, everything turns out just fine in the end.

The illustrations found throughout this tale of friends lost and found are as colorful as they are whimsical. The prose is fun, simple, and clear enough for younger readers to understand. The story is related from the third-person perspective of Chubby and is broken into several short chapters. It feels perfect for storytime sessions at a library or daycare center. In addition, it has enough mysteries and action throughout the narrative to keep children invested in discovering what will happen to Chubby next. The sudden disappearance of Coco can even draw in first-time older readers since her fate goes unexplained during most of the story, which can make them curious to keep reading as well. Using puppets or other visual aids while telling the story could add an extra layer of entertainment to what is already a lighthearted and fun read.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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