Clouds: Love Poems from above the Fray
by Jon Meyer
Joshua Tree Interactive

"The seeker asks
To open the
Door, but the
Lover knows the
Door was never shut."

Meyer's work is a call for awakening the individual's inner spirit, a rallying cry in the form of mind-numbing photographs and poetry that will aid in self-discovery. Though the panoramic series of meticulously crafted photos are in black and white, they burst from the seams with color and energy. As poet, photographer, and, of course, storyteller, Meyer takes readers on a journey across the globe, pausing momentarily to let audiences feel nature's awe in its every creation.

From the multi-angled shots of the Great Wall of China and its corresponding history over two millennia to flying Everest Air through the Himalayas, the Muktinath pilgrimage, and the deepest river gorge on the planet, Meyer's travel experiences are all-encompassing. They harness the energy of the universe to create and motivate, to bring life from the outside world so that the inside may experience harmony. Though the poems themselves don't exhibit a particular rhyme scheme, each packs a punch of inspiration that resoundingly conquers the false mental walls, be they made of fear, stagnancy, or something else, providing a glimpse of the "real."

Revolving his work around nature—in fact, the 2022 International Book Award poetry/nature winner—Meyer traverses the world, erasing doubt and uplifting spirits with his infinite energy, one destination at a time. More importantly, whether it's the Indian countryside or Italy's ancient stone pots, the storyteller projects humility, an understanding of how small humanity is against the world's majesty. Interestingly enough, the travel isn't limited to exotic destinations. On the contrary, the author digs deep and highlights not only the unfamiliar but also familiar locations like California's Walt Disney Concert Hall. Ultimately, Meyer's work is exhilarating and imbued with hope as it peeks through the clouds above all the chaos and commotion, immersing its readers in peace and harmony.

A 2022 Eric Hoffer Book Award Category Finalist

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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