Code Koral
by Cara Saylor Polk
Author Reputation Press

"If our conditions can be met, we shall defect."

The Cold War heats up in this story of a Russian ice hockey team that decides to defect while visiting the United States in 1976. This move begins a covert operation to get a spy out of Russia along with family members of the hockey team. Behind closed doors in the halls of power and persuasion, the United States government works to put all the pieces in place to safeguard the players and their families. The political maneuvering and mounting tensions between two superpowers take center stage in this thrilling and suspenseful novel. With rogue actors working toward their own political wins, nothing is certain as people are used as pawns in a game of political power and personal gain. Moving back and forth between the U.S. and Moscow, the Cold War era comes to life in this compelling tale of athletes and an undercover operative whose lives become entangled in an epic game of power and superiority in the eyes of the world.

Skillfully plotted and packed with action and intrigue, Polk’s Cold War thriller will keep readers spellbound until the finale. The scenes are brilliantly paced, and uncertainty abounds as the complex moving parts of the government work on this secret mission to win one small fight in the ideological war for influence and dominance. Polk doesn’t get bogged down in the geopolitical minutiae of the Cold War. Instead, she lets the story do the work of capturing history through credible characters and authentic action and plotting. With realistic settings from the Oval Office to KGB Headquarters, readers will have eyes on the inner workings of two powerful governments on a collision course that always feels on the verge of catastrophe.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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