Colors of Your Skin
by Jaleesa Cox
Leap Write Literary

"We are meant to be. Destined."

In this poetry collection, readers find poems about love, romance, sensuality, and faith. This unique blend of themes and emotions creates a distinctive voice throughout each and every selection. The concept of desire takes on a different form as the speaker celebrates being able to do the Lord’s work. Mornings become moments of celebration as the speaker revels in the passion of their beloved. In other poems, the speaker remembers the sacrifice Christ made for humanity during the crucifixion. Other pieces incorporate natural themes and imagery also to show Christ’s suffering. The speaker lives with continual praise on their tongue and worship in their actions. As the collection concludes, readers discover poems that bear a defiant voice, which encourages them to face and overcome their fears.

The speaker’s exuberance for life, love, romance, and faith shows in each selection. Even in the pieces examining guilt, suffering, and pain, the speaker’s determination to make the best of each event shines brightly. Thus, the collection transforms into a series of poems that will motivate readers to find joy, love, and the best in even the worst moments. In other poems, the speaker celebrates nature and the natural world’s wonders. These reflections encourage readers to look to the wind, the trees, and even the icy breezes for meaning. Those who appreciate poetry that is intimate and spiritual will appreciate this collection. Meanwhile, others who are looking for accessible, direct poetry will also find that in these pages. Overall, these poems are passionate and inspiring, and they will encourage readers to appreciate the everyday moments so many overlook or take for granted.

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