Contracts for Sale
by Edward Izzi
Cassino Publishing

"For the current cash price of $99,900, your worst enemy will be erased completely, as if they never existed. Gone and eradicated, without a trace."

Paul Crawford is a veteran reporter for the Chicago Sun Times. He is starting to get bored with covering the same stale stories. Life is about to get extremely interesting. Prominent people are disappearing without leaving any clues, bodies, crime scenes, or trails. Crawford knows they are connected somehow; he just needs to discover how. Leveraging all his personal contacts, he gets started on investigating the most recent disappearance. The cases multiply while the police detectives struggle to find evidence of people that may be missing or dead. No one can even imagine the truth—an underground corporation taking contracts to eliminate people. It is literally called Eradication, Inc. Their business model has worked perfectly until things get too personal. That is when mistakes are made, leaving a bread trail for Paul to follow.

Izzi crafts a fascinating, action-packed novel with mystery, political conspiracy, and betrayal. His skillful writing weaves multiple subplots together in a thought-provoking, cohesive way. The author uses his intimate knowledge of Chicago to provide vivid descriptions of the settings. His use of rich, local dialogue carries the story brilliantly from scene to scene while developing dynamic characters. This novel brings to life the deep cultural roots of the city by using a wide lens. It demonstrates historical connections between the people and institutions. Readers will be captivated by the storyline and intriguing cast of characters. Izzi’s book will delight fans of detective and murder mystery novels. Being written by a resident, audiences in the Chicago area will undoubtedly enjoy it for its local flavor and will be eagerly awaiting the next book from this talented author.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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