Cosmic Citizen
by KJ GoForth
Gotham Books

"Flow with style flow with grace
Wear that smile upon your face"

Declaring "love flows back to those who give love without strings," GoForth's collection presents eighty pages of delightful poetry, which seemingly could have been composed off-the-cuff extemporaneously, yet which stand together well as a solid unit, consisting entirely of end-rhyme couplets that flow naturally page to page. Written in a pleasing manner, the book includes topics such as freedom, seeing things as they truly are, love and new beginnings, gratitude, wisdom, liberation, compassionate existence, and more. The entire collection can be regarded as one continuous poetic outpouring, as no titles are given for any piece except the closing one. Simply titled "To Mom," the final poem describes the "grace and beauty of an angel," living life with "pureness of heart." It notes the poet's mother's courageous composure required to ascend life's steep hill. GoForth ends the poem confidently with "Peace is at hand."

These are pages of poetic joy, at times tempered with the "rough stuff" of life but always veering—as the old jazz classic declares—on the sunny side of the street. GoForth seems a poet for the everyman. Summoning elements of universal life with which any reader can definitely relate, he speaks truth in gentle, down-to-earth, accessible terms. As this is a relatively short poetry collection, the reader will likely take in the entire book in one or two relaxed, enjoyable sittings. Utilizing commonplace everyday language, GoForth's poetry inspires in an unapologetically unpretentious manner, such as when he writes, "Free up your mind glow from the heart / Carry the goodness that sets us apart," adding: "The soul is amazing it won't let you down / So find it and let it spread joy through your town." This poetry pleas for an embrace of all that is precious and good.

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