Cult on the Hill
by D. L. Waterhouse
PageTurner Press and Media

"The only reason I’m here now is because there are three dead girls in the morgue."

Lou Worley is called in to help with a murder investigation after a third body is found, and suspicions abound that a serial killer of young girls may be on the loose. As Worley begins investigating, he finds a sinister religious cult that may be responsible for the murders. The cult preys on abandoned children who are never adopted from orphanages and fall through the cracks of a crumbling system. With his persistence and precision, he follows a complex trail of human trafficking, abuse, and twisted religion to track a murderer and a cult leader. As a Christian, he offers up forgiveness and restoration with Christ as he confronts criminals and sees his Lord wash the evil from men’s hearts and souls. He is a witness to the work of godly servants of Christ and is sometimes the catalyst for these conversions.

As a protagonist, Worley is a flawed man of God seeking to tip the scales in the battle of good versus evil. He never tires of seeking justice and righteousness among the downfallen in his Alaskan community. Waterhouse delivers a crime novel laden with thrills and unexpected turns as the mystery deepens and clues are uncovered by Worley and his team, which is comprised of extended family and friends. This murder mystery explores religion at its core, from false prophets to the saving grace of the gospel of Christ. With an appealing main character and a unique Alaskan setting, this is an enjoyable book with a well-constructed plot. This gripping thriller with redemptive hope for mankind will enrich the reader with its use of storytelling as a way to spread the message of Christ’s forgiveness and mercy on those who are lost in the wilderness of sin and depravity.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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