Cupid’s Bow
by Ashley E. Clyke
Author Reputation Press

"Yes my beautiful
Who is as keen as a dove
Let me demonstrate
And we will make love!"

Poetry as a medium is known for its function as a window to the most private of emotional spaces and innermost feelings. In this collection of emotionally supercharged verses, that window looks straight into the bedroom, where the author dwells on the desire for and love of sexual, carnal pleasures with strong, confident partners. Sometimes these poems manifest as heartfelt, romantic connections made physical, and other times the matter at hand is strictly business. Each poem is direct in intention yet coy and flirtatious with its language, proving to be a stimulating read and a magnetizing performance to behold. Sometimes cheeky and indirect, other times blunt and straight to the point, this measured volume of sensual verse is sure to arouse the imaginations of any reader who reads it with an open mind.

Whether read alone or shared as inspiration with a lover, these short poems contain such graphic metaphors and unquestionable desire that they are sure to elicit a reaction from the reader. Divided by full-page graphics that draw the eye, the audience is treated to one selection after another, eschewing organization for the surprise of what could lie on the next page. The author’s style is personal and casual, favoring a rhythm and cadence over formal structure, which matches the subject material in a way that rigid rhyme schemes would not. Racy and exciting, it goes without saying that the content of this collection is for mature readers only, but the content will captivate said readers into reading another and another.

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