Dead Wrong: An Ecological Thriller
by G. Spencer Myers

"He walked to the gap in the bridge and looked down at the water, a dark deadly stew that only hours ago had been an aquatic paradise for Tampa Bay marine life."

Dr. Derk Ryan is just getting settled down into a quiet, comfortable retirement from his long career as an EPA investigator. He has been enjoying riding his Harley, teaching a few classes at the university, and finding a local place to become a regular. The Top End, a Pass-a-grille, is his place. This time, his perfect day of idleness is interrupted by a call from the EPA' director looking for his help. The last thing Derk wants is another case, but this one intrigues him. A garden supply van drove into the lake, causing a chemical spill, a toxic mess, and also resulted in a dead body as the van driver did not survive. However, Derk’s gut tells him there is much more to this “accident.”

The investigation takes him in many directions, down dark roads and dead ends. He interacts with a variety of quirky Bay citizens who are somehow connected to this tragic crime. He just needs to figure out how and why. For example, there’s Samantha, the editor of a local entertainment magazine, who is related to a senior police officer with dubious ties to several people that Derk suspects. Then there’s Dr. Morton, the medical examiner, and Chief Tibbets, two men he believed he knew well until now. One thing is certain: people are behaving oddly when questioned about the incident. And nothing is as it appears. Derk is also under tremendous pressure to wrap up the investigations quickly, as several tropical storms are headed toward the coast. The community is counting on him to solve this ecological puzzle. They want to hold accountable those responsible for causing this destruction to their environment.

Myers brings his popular character Dr. Derk Ryan back for this sequel to The Pest. With a focus on environmental themes, Myers utilizes a myriad of eccentric characters to demonstrate how intertwined humans are with the natural habitat surrounding them. Humor and realistic dialogue give the characters multifaceted qualities, and the author integrates the numerous subplots in a harmonious flow. Myers grew up in Michigan but now lives in Boynton, Florida, south of Palm Beach. This amazing region no doubt inspires much of his work. His description of the landscape and animals are evidence of this. He makes keen observations about people without adding judgment.

The author has crafted a story filled with intrigue, action, and politics. He weaves the characters together in a fascinating narrative that incorporates key concepts about human impact on the environment. The author states, “If you are reading this book, I hope it’s because you have an interest in sustaining this extraordinary place that we call Earth. I think of it as Home.” This novel is interesting, thought-provoking, and thrilling. Readers who have read the author's previous book will undoubtedly be excited about this sequel. And those who have not will likely go back to discover more about Derk after reading this riveting volume. There is no doubt that audiences will be anticipating the next adventure of this intrepid investigator.

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