Deadly Treasure Hunt
by Donald R. Richter
Gotham Books

"They all agreed they were ready to play."

When a group of Las Vegas gamblers decides to add a little excitement to their endeavors, they go all-in on a treasure hunt. Three teams of five entrants are established with very simple rules: they must maintain five members on each team; members cannot interact with the other teams; and clues can't be buried. These three unique teams of five head off to the midwest to discover hidden clues within a two-hundred-mile radius in hopes of winning a huge payoff. Each team member is given a key to unlock clues that are found by locating a pre-placed question mark within geographical and historical landmarks in the established perimeter. What ensues is a two-week race that sees contestants in precarious and, at times, hilarious predicaments. Who will fall, and who will remain at the end of the game?

This fast-paced novel is an enjoyable read that takes one to various points of interest, such as Al Capone's hideout, the Harry Houdini exhibit, Circus World, Granite Peak, and the Freshwater Hall of Fame. The author does a wonderful job of describing these sites as well as managing the numerous characters in this rollicking, adventurous tale. The novel is filled with intriguing characters who find themselves in some very strange situations both on and off the treasure hunt course. The book is more appropriate for adult readers with the numerous jokes and adult situations interspersed within the text. Overall, Richter's novel will find readers longing for the open road as they follow teams on their unique journey through the heartland.

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