"We need to build a core curriculum for climate change and global warming that is offered to all citizens."

The new Axis powers are defined here to include China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea. They pretend to agree with the West on changes to reduce global warming but are actually weaponizing energy and using fossil fuels to do so. This is what the next world war looks like. It is no longer the conventional warfare of the past. To combat these threats and make positive climate changes, it is imperative to tackle these Axis powers as they pose the greatest threat. No real change can be made while they are operational in their current state.

Part of this strategy needs to include a recommitment by the US to nuclear power and improving our technologies in this area. In addition, rather than becoming involved in regional conflicts, the US would gain more influence and help democratize trouble spots by increasing the availability of freshwater in the Middle East. This could be done by transferring and desalinating ocean water to these regions, which would also help control rising coastlines.

Matthew puts forth a wide range of interesting ideas to help battle climate change and totalitarian regimes. He shows that the geopolitical ramifications of the policies held by those deemed the new Axis are detrimental to the future of the globe. Matthew offers many interesting talking points about the world’s current issues and includes a section of case studies meant to offer further thinking and discussion about many of the relevant topics. Also, he has helpfully included an extensive reference section covering supportive articles. Readers interested in the world’s current geopolitical climate will find plenty of information here to ingest and insights to consider.

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