"How can I find someone who matches the great love you had... that set the standard for what true love is?"

At first glance, this book would seem to be a charming collection of enlightened short stories and poems about love. Inside, the book catches readers off-guard. The author presents a tongue-in-cheek or even cynical view of soft, squishy words like romance, Valentine's Day, "the One," or the more empowered "O" word. There are stories about a first love and a hot tub, matchmaking mishaps online and by friends, a date who still loves his wife, holiday celebrations gone awry, and even a ten-minute stand with an unknown party guest. One shouldn't be shocked at the drama or daring language because Kovach likely doesn't mean half of what she says, even if it is the truth. It is tough for a romantic like her to play the tigress when happily married family members model her ideal of love.

Kovach offers a light, polished read until one notices the passion and pain tucked behind the levity. Still, there is no room for disappointment. Samplings of poetry charm with rhyme or free verse. The grayscale artwork is thoughtful, and there is a heartwarming pet adoption story. This book just might be the ideal gift to surprise someone who bravely carries on during the month of February. The audience will be rooting for the author to succeed in finding Mr. Right. Underneath a modern exterior, she is one of those nice, next-door neighbor gals. Romanticists will expect success to happen before the end of this book so that they can cheer "Happy Valentine's Day." Readers will undoubtedly become hopeful for the author's heart, and perhaps their own, to be complete one day.

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