Disaster at Bushehr
by Reginald Nelson
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"'Ladies and gentlemen,' the President began. 'I must relate to you some very disturbing news. Iran does not accept our explanation about the attack on Bushehr. They completely reject the truth.'"

When disaster strikes, most people around the world get a limited amount of information from media outlets. They are completely unaware of the politicians, military leaders, special interests, and coalitions acting behind the scenes and under the radar. The author pulls the curtain away, letting the audience in to view this almost alternate universe.

Hamid is an Iranian-born American who belongs to a radical group determined to eradicate Israel. Their strategy is to create an enormous disaster by blowing up the nuclear plant in Bushehr, leaving evidence Israel is the culprit. He is excited and proud to martyr himself for this cause. Nelson, Ashonte, and Lance are Americans working together in Dubai in counter-terrorism. Nelson is an oral surgeon. He places tiny devices into certain patients that help the team or government track them. This accomplished trio is sought by individuals and governments alike to the point they need to expand their operations. The explosion at Bushehr sends shockwaves around the world. Panic ensues. The team is suddenly in high demand from officials of several countries who are the most closely affected.

Nelson's narrative is quickly paced yet cohesive. The plot is well defined and revealed incrementally through the timeline, which builds intensity. The characters are multi-dimensional and have vibrant personalities. The dialogue is witty and realistic, serving to draw readers into the drama. Exquisite details about military equipment and operations demonstrate Nelson's level of expertise. This story will appeal to audiences who enjoy everything from political thrillers to military special-ops to human interest stories. It is an exciting read, and many will likely be waiting for the author's next novel.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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