Disaster for Sale: Man Corrupting Nature
by F. David Rinehart

"You have never met people like this before…. There are no friends there, only alliances."

An eruption has occurred at Sicily’s Mount Etna, and the destruction unleashed in its wake has been catastrophic. US government officials are concerned about a similar eruption at the Yellowstone caldera. Dr. Thomas “TJ” Jackson has been brought in to work with a team in preventing an even larger disaster. In a presentation to scientists and military officials, TJ raises concerns about how water depletion is fueling the instability of the caldera. He posits a plan to start pumping in water gradually to maintain the status quo and keep Yellowstone from blowing sky-high. However, the forces of government bureaucracy seek to undercut his plan. Despite some pushback, some agree with TJ and want to assist. One of his backers is disaster expert Catherine Craft. The pair will need to act quickly while avoiding menacing figures who will kill to thwart their plan.

The consequences of a cataclysm have provided fuel for countless movies and books, yet the drama and action that unfold in this entry surpass many of its forerunners and contemporaries. The weight of the world is on Thomas Jackson’s shoulders, and he carries that burden along with a chip on one of them. He is a wounded man from a painful past, but he is resolved in his mission. He is a lone wolf until he meets and becomes enamored with Catherine. The relationship between Thomas and Catherine serves as one aspect of a multilayered narrative. The corrupt and depraved individuals attempting to prevent Thomas’ plan provide more than their fair share of intrigue through their murderous conspiring. This book proves both amusing and unsettling in its subject matter but is nevertheless interesting.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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