Down in a Hole
by Shahryar Sadree
Book Vine Press

"It takes courage to accept change. Courage decimates fear and opens the doorway to freedom."

In a wide-ranging exploration of life's many challenges, self-help author Sadree believes that anyone might sometimes experience the sense of being "down in a hole." His message involves rising up, grasping freedom, and removing walls that limit thinking and keep one from positive actions. According to the author, a total change, requiring great courage, is necessary at times to rise out of the hole. He praises activists like Rosa Parks and Mahatma Gandhi and speaks of "the force" that pervades the movie Star Wars—a force that all of nature, including one's mind, can generate and utilize. He notes that Thomas Edison was told he was "too stupid to learn anything," and Walt Disney lost a job because he "lacked imagination." Beethoven was deaf, and Stevie Wonder was blind. Yet they all rose up and achieved remarkable feats. Sadree advises self-discipline, visualization of outcomes, an understanding and reprogramming of the subconscious mind, and the development of "Smart" goals: "Specific," "Measurable," "Achievable," "Relevant," and "Time Bound."

Sadree, a business and leadership consultant, displays a broad panorama of points to ponder in his book. He describes multiple strategies and presents sources from ancient Greek sages to Ben Franklin, Albert Einstein, and modern-day counselors like Tony Robbins. His approach to the reader is direct and personal, as he recalls his own experiences of "the hole" and suggests that most Americans have felt trapped by the restrictions and implications of Covid. He also cites national, political realities that can evince a sense of demoralization and urges rational steps to control oneself rather than be controlled. Sadree's vital message is aimed at a younger generation that may be quick to give up and an older one that may sometimes experience disillusionment at continuing trends. Both groups will find encouragement and motivation through his solid counsel.

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