"The back of her neck tingled. The sensation heightened her senses, akin to hearing a distant scream."

Nefi’s vision of how she wants her future to be is crystal-clear. She has a plan detailing each step needed to actualize her dreams. Getting accepted into the FBI’s summer internship program is crucial to this path. Her fiancé, Vincent, is already an agent working on international cases. However, life seems to take a strange turn just when it is settling into a predictable groove.

Out of nowhere, Nefi receives a significant inheritance from her parents, who died years ago. It has never occurred to her that they left her anything since they have been gone for so long. This is only the beginning of the twists in her new life story. The world is swirling as her best friend is M.I.A., her grandma is acting suspiciously with money that is intended for her, and someone has twice attempted to murder her.

Fisher uses her exemplary writing skills to weave colorful layers within an intriguing storyline. Vivid descriptions of the scenery bring the settings to life. Her attention to detail pulls the reader into the plot as it winds through the timeline. The characters are rich and dynamic, and their development through the narrative elicits visceral reactions from the reader.

In this fourth and final book in her acclaimed Compass Crimes series, Fisher has created yet another compelling thriller. A former journalist, her passion for forensics is now applied to writing suspenseful stories. Her excellence in storytelling has won several awards and a growing fan base. Audiences who enjoy thrillers, crime stories, or mysteries will devour this book. It is the perfect balance of mystery, action, and endearing characters. There is no doubt that once new readers finish the last page, they will reach for the other three books in this series.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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