"It was my loving mother from heaven who pushed me to get up and go forward with my life!"

The author has created a highly original autobiography using words and pictures to reflect her colorful life. Part personal story, part inspirational teachings, Ellis' book encourages artists of all kinds to overcome their fears and find the courage to express themselves. Creativity, the author states, is not only found in art and music. Rather, it also comes in many other forms, such as caregiving, sports, and cooking. Charity work and volunteering can also be artistically fulfilling and deeply satisfying. The author hopes to inspire her readers to begin their own adventures and expressions by giving them a look into her very personal prose and artwork.

Ellis offers her readers an intimate look at her life. Her love of creativity is infectious and is evidenced in her writing, art, and poetry. She includes timeless words of wisdom, such as, "Mistakes are a miracle" and "Life is exciting when we fly like a bird." The author writes with a unique voice full of joy and gratitude. Ellis includes personal photos in her book, which gives her readers even more insight into her wonderful life. Most of the images have been enhanced in beautiful and unique ways. Enhancing her work are inspirational quotes from great artists and thinkers like Thomas Edison, who famously said, 'I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work." The author's autobiography with words and pictures is an impressive compilation of extraordinary art that reflects on an extraordinary life. For readers looking to be creatively inspired, this book will certainly point them in the right direction.

A 2023 Eric Hoffer Book Award Grand Prize Short-Listed book.

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