Everybody Pees!
by Justine Avery
Suteki Creative

"Every… BODY… pees. Yes, indeed!"

Young readers discover that bodily functions are not so taboo in a colorful exploration of human life and the natural world. Children learn that everyone from newborn babies to grandparents, and every creature from dogs and cats to seagulls and fish, pees "Every single day. Just like all of us do." Whether it's in toilets, litter boxes, in the sea, high up in the trees, or "underground where nobody sees," this playful book asserts that everyone on the planet pees. After showing young readers that the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, and even Santa Claus pees, the book ends on a positive note: "Just..like…YOU! And I'm so very proud of you!"

Like the international sensation Everybody Poops!, this book conveys how human and animal bodies naturally work. As its artwork portrays life and families worldwide, the book takes young readers on an adventure, which makes it more than just a fun potty training story. The book also shows people living and playing in nature, surrounded by playful animals who also pee. Young readers learn that humans have more in common with nature and wildlife surrounding them than they may have originally thought. More importantly, children learn the difference between "Everybody" and "every body," making this book a great segue into lessons about the human body that curious youngsters may have.

The positive reinforcement at the book's end makes this book the perfect potty training lesson, especially for young children who may be hesitant about that next and formative step into childhood. For parents who might be embarrassed to discuss the functions of the human body with their children, the book's playful artwork and humorous takes on one of life's necessities make it easier. This book is a fun read for readers of all ages.

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