Evil Reigns: A Philosophy of Mind
by Albert M. Iosue, M.D.

"The mind of man is a panoply of actual, real, and imaginary experiences that now threaten to boggle the ancient judgmental systems evolved over millennia by nature or God."

Because of the messy imprecision of language, Iosue argues that there has yet to emerge any universal consensus regarding what the mind actually is. Further, the author makes the case that over the last several hundred years, “evil elements” of the human mind have increased in dominance. Humankind, he argues, holds such immense positive potential, yet we are “the most dishonest and cruel animal” ever to have walked the planet. As such, a strong case is made for the carefully measured, deliberate choices we as a society make. The present time represents a significant development in the mind of humankind—defined both by great possibility and grave danger. Iosue’s 400-page treatise offers an expansive and impressive composition on that which the author terms his “personal philosophy of mind,” focusing primarily on the concept of evil or “the intentional commission of wrong.”

A deeply intriguing and thorough work, Iosue’s discourse is full of detailed information, nuanced and quintessentially thorough, yet explained in a manner relatively easy for the general reader to comprehend. Presented thoughtfully through chapters that build and expand upon previous material, Iosue examines in a gripping, engaging manner such interrelated issues of human knowledge, social nature, language, brain science, and the germane plethora of psychological, social, economic, religious, political, and biological implications. Undoubtedly, readers who enjoy philosophical inquiry will find this most fascinating book strong in its ability and encouragement to exercise and expand the intellect. It becomes obvious a tremendous amount of thoughtful insight and editorial expertise went into the production of his manuscript. And the author’s passion for the subject matter is evident—and contagious—from the very first pages and sustained throughout the entirety.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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