"I may point someone to Christ or into a path of healing, but they alone have to choose to be able to accept or reject it."

This book is a personal account of the author’s struggles and spiritual experiences over a number of years as she seeks to know more about God and strives to build a closer relationship with him. Her story begins when she is a young woman trying to overcome her feelings of not being good enough and then to her time when, as a young wife feeling overwhelmed by life, she battles thoughts of suicide. Later in her life, she believes God saved her from dire health problems resulting in a near-death experience. He also healed the extreme stress in her marriage, bringing her non-believing husband to God, and helped to heal her strained relationship with her mother. There are many other examples of God doing the miraculous in her life. Bible verses are helpfully included throughout to strengthen her narrative.

Romero’s account unfolds in an easy-to-read, entertaining way. One gets the feeling the author is laying everything on the table, giving readers a realistic understanding of her life’s struggles and God’s interventions. Romero is a speaker as well as a family and marriage therapist who counsels others using a foundation of spirituality. This is her fifth book, and each one is based on her personal spiritual experiences. Many readers will likely be able to identify with the circumstances and may wonder how they would react to similar situations. Even though the author makes it clear she hopes to inspire others to seek a relationship with God, she does not preach, which many readers will undoubtedly appreciate. And while she is unashamedly candid about her desire to see others come to Christ, she also acknowledges that no one can force another person to believe. Fans of spiritual autobiographies may find Romero’s book to be not only engaging but encouraging as well.

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