Exposing Spiritualistic Practices in Healing
by Edwin Noyes

"Many different methods of healing are promoted as being of true value, but are founded on pagan doctrines originating from a counterfeit story of creation."

Modern society is inundated with New Age philosophies. In this book, the author takes an intensive look at some of the more prevalent practices of healing found in the New Age movement. He states, "Theories and practices based on the so-called 'ancient wisdom' have penetrated virtually every area of contemporary life: science, business, health/medicine, education, psychology, religion, politics, the arts, and especially entertainment." The author addresses the origins and dangers of practices such as yoga, meditation, reiki, crystal healing, reflexology, and magic. Several appendixes, a glossary, and a recommended reading list are also included. An extension of his previous work, Spiritualistic Deceptions in Health and Healing, this book contains all the information from the former work plus eleven new chapters and additional information.

Noyes extensively examines the practices expounded by those following the New Age movement. He states, "The purpose of this book is to present information which facilitates making an intelligent choice as to whether or not the reader would choose to participate in a particular healing therapy." The author's concern with the pagan aspect of these practices is discussed effectively. He traces the origins of each approach to their modern-day interpretation in this thoughtful and comprehensive study. He constructively explores his concern that New Age philosophy has already penetrated Christianity. Those who wish to learn more about the origins of New Age practices will find a wealth of information here. Noyes leaves no stone unturned in this presentation which conveys the dangers of following non-biblical practices. Readers may find some surprising and revealing information in this thorough study of the spiritual practices used in healing.

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