Feeling Good: All the Time
by Jack Randall Cook

"As I lay awake that night, I was overcome with fear, fear that defies description."

In his autobiography, Cook recounts his life from childhood to adulthood. His parents had fifteen children, and he was the tenth child. When Cook was a teenager, he took on leadership roles in school and dedicated himself to good work ethics. He knew that hard work always paid off and was dedicated to completing any task assigned to him. His beliefs and values shaped the person he became. At an early age, he believed in God. During difficult times, he would always turn to him. On top of that, his mother was a firm believer in never giving up and always pursuing one’s goals. This positive mindset influenced Cook's entire life and transmitted it to his future children and others he met along the way. Throughout this journey, Cook has always found a reason to feel good all the time, even through rough patches.

Cook dives deep into his emotions when confronted with unsettling situations. For example, he gives a detailed account of how he felt when his wife, Patricia, suddenly deserted him and their children. He was shocked and confused about Patricia's sudden disappearance. He did not see it coming. As a result, thoughts floated in his mind that one day Patricia would show up unannounced and take the kids away from him. The author wrestled with his internal struggles and shares his deepest fears in his narrative. He candidly discusses how the event affected him so much that he believed that social services would remove his children from his home because of his new situation as a single parent, especially during the sixties. These thoughts haunted him at night. Readers will appreciate this book because Cook gives a detailed account of his experiences with great honesty.

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