by Scott
Christian Faith Publishing

"God, four years earlier when I had offered myself to Him, had put me on a fast-track to knowledge of the anti-Christ."

Grounded in truth, Scott Walker's fusion of narrative and autobiography tracks his evolution from not reading the Bible during his adolescent years to someone that the Church of Satan believes "has an aura of power emanating from himself." The piece opens in Denton, Texas, to the eerie image of dead cattle who have had their blood sucked dry. Though Scott's life path is anything but linear, taking him from a short-lived marriage with Earline to a more substantive relationship with Debby and then to a role as a bounty hunter, the work is undeniably rooted in faith. When scripture lights the way for the author, he effectively gains the tools to vanquish the darkness from not only his life but also from the lives of those he encounters.

Fire is the embodiment of hell, a signal that humanity is living in the end times. The author indicates as much in his analysis of how the various faith-based denominations all use the Bible but emphasize different aspects. Nevertheless, in one particular scene, Scott is brought to tears when he surrenders to the Bible, stating that he will randomly flip to a page and point to a passage. That passage then helps him understand how to tackle the Church of Satan, which thinks of him as a magician, a "white witch." Interestingly, his fingers, seemingly through divine intervention, settle on Isaiah, chapter five: "Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil." From historical analysis such as citing Hitler as the Seventh King and the apocalyptic nuclear explosion following his demise to a discussion into the welfare of children, God's light of innocence, and timely topics of promiscuity and abortion, Scott's text offers an array of opportunities for the reader to understand faith and the elements of temptation that lead it astray.

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