Fluttering Leaves and the Fighter Pilot
by Colonel William D. Garner, PH.D.

"Each of us would be literally stuffed into a small black box, barely shoulder width, less than thirty inches in length and about the same dimension in height. It seemed more like a matchbox."

In this expansive and captivating read, readers follow the story of Bill Garner. His passion for airplanes led him to a United States Air Force career after studying at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. After graduating with distinction from his undergraduate pilot training class, the author received various assignments as a jet flight instructor, an F-100 fighter pilot, and as Assistant Professor of Aerospace Studies at the University of Georgia before entering combat. Readers then follow the author through a long combat tour of 241 missions and into retirement. All along the way, the narrative offers inspirational, positive messages about the power of a strong work ethic, dedication, and perseverance.

This book is much more than a simple memoir detailing one man's military experiences. What readers discover is the story of how one man transformed his life. The book gives its audience memorable sayings such as "Lessons of life that contribute to salutary behavior changes are lessons well learned." The conversational narratives in this book remind readers about the importance of seeking new challenges in the name of personal betterment and life-long learning no matter their age. The author's advice to readers to "choose positive behavior and responses...Live your life at a bit slower pace" sends a much-needed message relevant to chaotic, hectic, and confusing times. Readers seeking a uniquely inspiring read that will help them persevere need to look no further. Those looking for a personal piece of United States Air Force history will also find that in this intriguing book.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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