Foul Territory (The Chronicle of Calvin Connor Book 2)
by Christopher Morlock
The Foul Territory Publishing Co.

"’We’re all drunk, on drugs, drinking blood, naked, turning into transvestites..."

It’s 1989, and teenager Calvin continues plowing through his interesting, chaotic life. He has come to the U.S. from Ireland. He’s not well-steeped in the value of sports, although he is a wicked pitcher for the high school team and is aiming higher so he can buy a beloved sports car. Calvin and his friends are constantly in trouble, and his biggest problem may be the concussions he keeps getting.

This “Irish Raging Ape” falls in love with a girl who is blind, Kitty, who seems to want to control his actions. In reality, Calvin is a good guy and has a lot of friends, but he just keeps getting in trouble. A lunchroom fight, a dance, parties, baseball, and sex consume his existence while he continues to try to cope with life struggles, including his dysfunctional family. But what soul-searching does he have to do, and what causes such soul-searching?

The author’s book focuses on sex, drinking and drugs, parties, school issues, and more sex as described by teenage boys. Long on dialogue, the story examines the inner and outer workings of a teen’s mind, not that there is much on the mind of Calvin other than sex. Longer on vulgarity than a hard-edged plot, this novel is sure to titillate many readers. The book’s target audience seems to be those who are teens or who wish to relive their teen years. Morlock’s novel is engaging, often humorous, and will keep the reader interested in Calvin’s life and wondering about his exploits in the next book.

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