Friendship City: Hanging by a Thread
by Carl H. Mitchell
Covenant Books

"They had no chance to raise their rifles as the Dart sent them and their hardware flying. Henry spun the car to the left again as shots followed them onto the roadway."

Between the pages of this adventure novel, readers step thirty-seven years into the future. They find new societal experiments, old but strong familial bonds, evil progressing exponentially, and, luckily, heroes and heroines still around to take on the bad guys. A villainous organization called the World Council is seeking global domination. They devise a plan to introduce a new strain of bubonic plague throughout the United States and withhold the antidote so the American government will do their bidding.

Fortunately, a tough-as-nails detective, Nick, is teamed with Lenora, the smart and savvy president of the United States. Working both together and separately, they employ every means at their disposal to thwart the evildoers' murderous plans. One of these is to wreak havoc in Friendship City, a joint community of Brownsville, Texas, and Matamoros, Mexico, that has been created to show different people can live together in peace and harmony. Before the final page has been turned, car chases, gunfights, hand-to-hand combat, and more are part of the vile skullduggery and virtuous defenses that lock horns in this battle for supremacy.

Author Mitchell hits the accelerator early and often as he dials up one calamitous situation after another. He's particularly adept at action sequences that keep the derring-do as credible as it is exciting. Mitchell also displays an ability to keep his protagonist's family trials as important as his professional challenges, which makes his lead character not just heroic but human as well. This is the second book in a series. However, the author does a good job of providing information that brings readers up to speed and delivers a cliffhanger that will likely have fans of this genre clamoring for the next installment.

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