From the Heart: A Poetic Autobiography
by Bernadette Moss

"Come now, the ocean waits.
Your place is home, I’ll
be there. You are not alone."

Delivering commentary on a wide range of emotions from the perspective of life, faith, and prayer, Moss’ poetry compilation is both an ode to beautiful memories and a reflection on the fleeting nature of time. At the core of the poetry is evoking a feeling, whether that is the naive innocence of childhood as in the opening poem, “The Ways of the Child,” or the tenderness of embracing the limitlessness of the ocean in “A Glimpse of Heaven” as the body gives way. The poet leaves no stone unturned in allowing herself to be vulnerable. She is an open book to which readers can relate.

The tone in each of Moss’ poems is undeniably heartfelt. At times, she will strike a distinctly somber portrayal of homeless shelters, while at others, she’ll depict the chaotic nature of life to encourage individuals to slow down and breathe, to embrace the journey. Despite there not being a strong focus on rhyme schemes and stringent poetic technique, Moss tinkers with the experimental, particularly in “Doing Life,” which portrays the evolution of expressive behaviors from anger to faith, peace, and joy as their own structured, cascading steps.

As the compilation progresses, poems like “The Thief” demonstrate how disease slowly destroys the body, but simultaneously, unconditional faith in the Lord is the route to transcending beyond the material body. Perfect examples of this are “God’s Umbrella” and “Gratitude,” which empathize that struggles and adversity are synonymous with the earthly world. However, God’s love is the ultimate shelter from these struggles and the pathway to living in compassion and light. Fittingly titled, Moss’ poetry book is a genuine survey of her life experiences and one that will surely connect with readers on their respective faith journeys.

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