"I am fortunate to work with, and even more fortunate to positively affect, a wide variety of paranormal challenges."

The author shares eleven stories of her true encounters with the supernatural in this work. The stories were collected from her years of helping people discover and understand a variety of unnatural and sometimes extremely disturbing occurrences. As Denyer states in the forward of the book, "These are true stories of my encounters with paranormal activities which caused discomfort and harm to my client and/or me." One such encounter involves "the ghost of a little boy about eight-years-old hiding in a corner between a cabinet and the doorway, crying." Billy was stuck in a home with only his dog Buddy (also a ghost) and was desperate to be noticed by the homeowners. Another story relayed the author's uneasy feeling while visiting a friend who had just bought an old steamer trunk. Upon investigation, it was discovered that the owner had lost something in the trunk and had been attempting to bring attention to the trunk so it would be found. Other stories are more disturbing, with the author describing encounters with demons and angry spirits.

Denyer includes her very detailed process of preparation before each incident. She stresses the importance of having a circle of protection before attempting to contact or connect with the supernatural. At times, when dealing with evil spirits or demons, she speaks of surrounding herself with others who help reinforce this protection. "Please stand in a circle around me and focus only on protection for me and for yourselves. I am under a strong psychic attack by a demon, and must fight back," she tells her circle of friends on one occasion. It is evident that the author feels compelled to share these deeply personal interventions with the paranormal. She declares, "I have been reminded often by my guides that I am a spiritual warrior priest with obligations to be of aid when called." The author has a calling to share her abilities with those whose lives are disturbed by paranormal activities.

This look into the world of the paranormal through the eyes of one receptive to spirits and dedicated to helping those whose lives have been disrupted is an eye-opener for those who are curious about such things. Each story is unique, but all are told with the sincerity of one who wishes to reach both believers and skeptics alike. Denyer is adept at telling a story, and each account is a fascinating look at her dedication to helping people through her ability. Though the stories relate different types of paranormal activity, each is told in a straightforward manner. Her stories are mesmerizing and, at times, a bit frightening. Anyone interested in the paranormal will appreciate these first-hand stories of encounters with the supernatural. Even skeptics will find much to like in this well-written account of the author's experiences. Denyer has a way of drawing the reader into these accounts and holding one's interest with not only her knack for storytelling but also with the sincerity that permeates the work. These stories capture the reader's attention, and some will touch the heart. This compilation leaves an impression and stays with one long after the book is finished.

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