"Carl Moore is one of the most prolific writers among the deaf community of the Churches of Christ."

Moore is a deaf Black American who does missionary work for the Church of Jesus Christ. When he visits Africa, the deaf children in Kenya touch his heart in a way that transforms him and encourages him. This inspiring true story follows Moore through his travels to a variety of schools for deaf children and churches for the deaf and hearing in the East African nation. The narrative quotes Bible passages to reveal what prayers and scriptures supported the author when he felt fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. Challenges during travel test his faith and challenge him to find courage and strength to overcome adversities. The book also includes photos of the people and places Moore visited. This narrative is as relatable as it is heartwarming.

An eye-opening experience for the author is when he realizes that these deaf African children have never seen a Black American who is deaf and a Christian missionary. They were accustomed to white missionaries. This realization impacted him profoundly. He wondered if Christians are doing enough to present an accurate representation of leadership and possibility to these deaf African children. The story gives a sense of how much young people in Africa crave contact with someone like Moore. The account also gives hope to those who wish to help cultivate cross-cultural relationships and bring healing to those who live as deaf people longing for strong faith. The five goals Moore sets out to accomplish will need years of effort and advocacy from those with like minds and deep conviction.

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