"In brief, there is no question of the reality of UFO. But there still is the question of how they fit into Biblical History."

Author Pleune has painstakingly amassed evidence and support for what he considers the reality of a connection between unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and the false notion of a creator god as depicted in Jewish-Christian biblical lore and generally accepted earth history. In support of his far-reaching thesis, Pleune refers often and with sincere conviction to the discoveries of Eduard Albert “Billy” Meier, a Swiss thinker who asserts that UFOs are the true basis of earthly history, population, and specific human characteristics developed over centuries. Meier, considered by some as a master of ufology, recounts witnessing UFO activity in the heavens and also uniquely recalls his personal contact and conversation with certain UFO entities, the Plejaren.

Pleune’s thesis is clearly based on Meier’s extensive work but also contains the author’s own dedicated, diligent research. Ufology is a body of individual and governmental reports and other evidence gathered from a variety of sources and may be generally scorned by devout Christians, doubted by some scientific thinkers, and welcomed by those with less-fixed world views. Drawing from the written annals in which he places trust, Pleune underpins his dynamic assertions with evidence offered by Meier’s administrator, Christian Frehner, who offers a “Chronological History of Mankind” revealing that early inhabitants of Earth were extraterrestrial beings called Lyrans, who arrived here in 22 million B.C. and among other accomplishments built the great pyramids. Other such visitors founded the island of Atlantis and the city of Mu. Meanwhile, Black earthlings came from Sirius, and certain actions by an ET named Arus created two “Adams” and initiated the legends that form the basis of the Holy Bible. One powerful example of ET information concerns Jesus, actually named Jmmanuel, who was hanged on a Y-shaped structure and regained life not through a mystical miracle but in a natural physical manner as has happened many times as described by medical sources. Nowhere else in the universe but only on Earth, according to Pleune’s sources, is there any concept of or belief in a higher unseen power who might influence human life.

Pleune, who has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a master's and Ph.D. in education, clearly regards Meier’s accounts as accurate and credible, a belief which has provoked the author to question and then put aside his conventional religious beliefs. Pleune and his wife now write and give talks about the discoveries he has gleaned both from his extensive explorations of the narratives available about ufology and from the unique technique he has developed to summon UFOs using what he terms “spotlight code.” The central message of this and other writings of his is one that may shock many: that God, as taught within certain religions, is no more than an invention of humankind rather than a real, specific, and contactable being. Readers wishing to know more or who are attracted to the potential for greater human advancement and understanding inherent in Pleune’s themes may wish to share that acquired understanding with others, which is doubtless what the author hopes in making his own grasp of universal realities known.

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