GodSway: My Anecdotes with God
by Diana Skidmore Keathley
MSI Press

"Friends, these are not coincidences. They are God’s way of getting our attention to show us how close He really is."

The author shares a multitude of stories offering proof of God’s intervention, several times with life-saving results. Growing up, her father projected a strong positivity to overcome all challenges, and her mother faithfully accompanied the children to church. Yet the girl was afflicted by panic attacks related to the mysteries of the eternal afterlife. Improvement began when she heard God communicate to her while a preacher spoke of mission work.

Later, as a teen traveling in Mexico by train and almost penniless, she and a friend were offered a full meal by two men in blue who suddenly appeared in the dining car and as quickly disappeared after performing their good deed. A terrifying road accident once left her stranded on a deserted highway until an old man drove up, helped her, and was gone before she could wave goodbye. Her son would later survive a prolonged, dangerous illness. Family members were saved when their house caught on fire. The author came to anticipate that negative happenings could be convincingly erased by miraculous outpourings.

The author was led through language study to a career in education and assistance to immigrant families. The fascinating examples she offers in the narrative concerning her sense of God’s presence convinced her that God is guiding her and will do the same for others, sparking her zeal for outreach to those in need and, sometimes, to what she characterizes as divine revelations among those to whom she offers assistance. Her passion comes across in her writing, showing that even small occurrences can bring about change and a deeper connection to God’s purpose. The author’s well-considered, personally grounded work is meant to intrigue and inspire and will doubtless guide and motivate many readers.

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