Gods Posts: Truth Lives in us All!
by Russell Harper
Writers' Branding

"He is there with open arms waiting for you to come back, because he loves you unconditionally."

There are plenty of opportunities in life to sin, whether out of ignorance, misinterpretation, or simply because one is prone to weaker, selfish decisions. With this book, the author provides reminders and clarifications using scripture to acknowledge what one chooses, and to forgive oneself for straying from God’s instructions after finding the way back to Jesus. Drawing inspiration from his personal life and imagination and recounting what opened his own eyes to certain facts, the author shares his lessons in short bursts that are easy to pick up and process on a lunch break, a quiet moment, or even a period of crisis. There are a variety of topics in this book to explore, designed to help readers figure out their own journeys or aim to inspire them to look for opportunities in their community and circle of friends to share the message of the Bible.

Each chapter is brief and direct, using a conversational approach of personalizing the lessons of the Bible in order to make them easier to identify with. Some start with the reader being asked a question or feature an anecdote or example of a time when the author put these ideas into practice. Others have a more poetic verse-like structure. This creates a book that reads more personally like a journal would, rather than replicating a sermon that the reader may have already heard and came away from without the inspiration to act. The text reads authentically, is full of passion and faith, and invites reflection, discussion, or working to directly apply each lesson out in the real world in the hopes that these will add up to a much larger difference in the reader’s life, community, and spirituality.

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