Gold Nuggets and other Gems from the Mine of Scripture
by Robert Leland
Author Reputation Press

"Considering that the Israelites numbered 600,000 men, plus their families and livestock, plus all the hangers-on accompanying them, we’re looking at a company of some two to three million people."

More than a compendium of the Bible, this book is filled with questions about scripture within both the Old and New Testaments and provides answers that may leave one more curious than ever about how many of these dramatic events unfolded. Included are genealogies about notable Bible characters like Moses and his family, when they were born, and how surprisingly old in years they were when they died. Chronologies provide a more concise look at Egypt, the plagues, the flood, and other noteworthy events. Leland’s look at the New Testament speaks to the types of power that God gave both Satan and Christ and how Christ overcame the influence of Satan. At an individual or group level, sin and its reconciliation are expanded upon through various chapters in both testaments.

Leland has painstakingly calculated, in dollars, the staggering amount of gold it took to build a temple. He has estimated Solomon’s total wealth, including an outline of where it was spent and the values of many items. With Leland’s book as a companion, anyone who reads or studies the Bible will find a deeper understanding regarding the drama that continuously unfolds. Leland explains much of the history by correlating chapters from both the Old and New Testaments and expounds upon the way different books of the Bible build on each other. Sunday school teachers will appreciate the appendix, filled with quotes from notable authors, while the bibliography provides a source for those who wish to compare and contrast these works. After reading the author’s book, one can consider, with more understanding, how faith guides the true meaning of love. Leland applies his knowledge and research to many biblical dilemmas in which the curious will delight.

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