Grandma, Tell Me the Easter Story
by Marlene L. Burling
PageTurner Press and Media

"'After Jesus left the supper, he went to a garden called Gethsemane to pray to His Heavenly Father. Jesus had something very hard to do. He asked His Father to help Him.'"

As they journey through the Easter story, young readers have the opportunity to participate in the account by placing their names in the blank spaces throughout the book. The book also allows a grandparent to participate in their grandchild's beginning spiritual journey by becoming the book's narrator. Children learn about Judas Iscariot and Christ's mission as the book's events travel through the Passover and crucifixion stories. They also discover that, in the Christian tradition, Easter is more than colored eggs and baskets full of candy. Scripture verses are placed throughout the book so that children and adults can refer to them throughout their reading, creating small stepping stones on which young readers can begin forming their biblical studies.

The book closes with an invitation to prayer, reminding readers young and old that a walk of faith is an intimately personal and individual relationship. The book's unique structure reinforces that intimacy and personality. The many illustrations create a visual experience for young readers and are a great teaching tool for adults. Distinctively, the book relies on a grandparent's role to share Jesus' special story of salvation and deliverance, and children will enjoy the time they spend exploring this story with their favorite grandparent. The book's involvement of the reader makes the book engaging and fun, one that children won't be quick to forget. Powerful yet accessible, this book would make the perfect, personalized gift for Christmas, Easter, and even birthdays. It's a great accompaniment to other Christian children's books like The Children's Bible and The Christmas Story.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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