"Love him or hate him, but when it comes to fight IQ, there is only one winner, and it isn’t even close. Floyd Mayweather has probably the highest boxing IQ ever."

Although in decline over the past couple of decades, boxing has long been a huge sport in America. Spectators and enthusiasts often debate about who is the best boxer, fastest puncher, hardest hitter, and more. This book gathers many questions about boxers past and present and answers them with confidence, offering details and anecdotes to support the positions. From street fighters with mob ties to heavyweight bruisers and UFC grapplers, this book covers a wide range of discussions on boxing-related topics. It even includes discussions of fictional boxers and celebrities. All the questions presented in the book were asked of the author—a boxing enthusiast, historian, and analyst—by various internet users.

Akrim’s style and personality, as well as his love and appreciation for the sport of boxing, are clearly present in this book. He answers each question in a manner that shows his passion and knowledge of the sport while still being completely accessible to a mainstream audience. His comparisons of different fighters and fighting styles, as well as his understanding of the last half-century of boxing history, are presented with his fun personality clearly in place. Moreover, he consistently offers comparisons and boxing data to support his opinions. The answers concerning fictional battles between boxers from different eras, celebrities, and even fictional characters are especially interesting and well thought-out. Some of the questions asked are quite similar and allow a bit of repetition in the reading, but most readers will not be bothered much by this. Sports fans, especially boxing fans, whether they be a casual or more serious devotee, will find a lot of information and entertainment in this book.

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