Hell Holes 4: A Slave's Revenge
by Donald Firesmith
Magical Wand Press

"Although the master’s two imp guards and their hellhounds gave us the evil eye, they nevertheless opened the compound’s front gate for us."

In this action-packed, danger-filled adventure, readers meet Paul Chapman—a teenager left on his own after the death of his mother, his father, and his twin sister. An evil group of alien demons takes Paul as their captive, and he soon finds himself on a planet called Hell. Enslaved and awaiting death, Paul finds himself with a new master who makes him an overseer. Meanwhile, Paul meets Elle, another slave who changes his outlook and motivates him to conquer all that Hell delivers. When tragedy strikes, Paul's life is once again altered. The protagonist then embarks on his newest adventure, that of seeking revenge. Paul's pursuit of vengeance returns him to the one place that he thought he would never see again—Earth.

The author's book blends science fiction with an action-based thriller into an entertaining and exciting read. With the momentum of Independence Day and a setting reminiscent of Total Recall, the novel carries readers through a brutal spacescape where psychological strength is just as vital as physical prowess. Paul is an insightful, strong narrator, and his conversational tone invites readers into the book. Paul's narration is fast-paced, which also bolsters the action that occurs in the book. What will also attract readers is Paul's strength in the face of intense adversity, especially as he resolves, "Should the demons dare attempt another invasion, we will be ready." Readers of dystopian science fiction will appreciate this book, and those looking for a thriller that will keep them quickly turning the pages will need to look no further than this one.

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