"But if you had to expire, you might as well do it saving the world, right?"

The eternal battle between light and darkness erupts in Chicago as Laustra, a powerful demon princess, meets her match in Kim Marie Makibi, a tough fifty-six-year-old social services case manager. As the tale begins, Kim has found her work-life rewarding but personal life empty since her husband died two years before. But one unremarkable Tuesday afternoon, her life changes dramatically when an unworldly client with a strange message is her only appointment of the day. Jon's job is to educate her, not compel her to act. But his story that she and the world are at risk seems more of a personal threat than a warning. From that moment on, her life becomes odder and more threatening by the hour as she encounters what she soon learns are demons, Nephilim, and violent angel-human hybrids. Not only that, it seems Kim's been chosen by God, and she isn't quite sure if she wants any part of the bargain.

This urban fantasy becomes more sinister, sadistic, and steamy as it progresses, bringing the sizzle level up to a full flame. The primary characters are vividly portrayed, and the good guys, gals, and bad ones alike are flawed and believable. Fans of the ferocious angel flicks of the last three decades will forgive the occasionally overstated dialogue and rambling prose. Instead, they will relish Kim's fast-paced fights to the death with thug-like creatures of the fantastic. They will also be thrilled by Laustra's mesmerizing sexuality that charms the life from her victims. Ultimately, the final battle between the two formidable females arrives. The story occasionally bogs down in the constant barrage of bloody body parts. However, readers will still root for Kim Makibi, demon slayer extraordinaire.

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