Hold Onto Your Pants
by Joseph L. Parsley
Gotham Books

"If you take a Koala Bear and a Wallaroo,
And mix them both together, you get a Kallaboo."

In this adorable children's book, the koala bear and wallaroo unite to create the Kallaboo, a playful creature that will delight young readers. Children learn they can find a Kallaboo "anywhere around." Kids discover a busy family, where Mama Kallaboo tends to a little one called Baby Boo, making him clothes and taking him to the stores. Baby Boo has a unique problem: his pants won't stay up. Along the way, Baby Boo learns a lesson about loss as he loses his new balloon. As children follow Baby Boo's story, they discover how to problem-solve and how they can solve any problem, big or small, with a little motivation and critical thinking. Young readers also learn the value of family ties and a strong support system.

For parents, this book is a great teaching tool. Its colorful illustrations will quickly engage readers, while the playful plot and rhymes make the book a lesson in language and wordplay. Young readers also learn that it's okay to be different because those differences make an individual unique. Parents looking to teach their children the importance of a strong support system will also find key lessons regarding who to trust when trying to solve problems. More significantly, kids learn that each individual serves a purpose: "Different ones are different with different things to do, / Whether be a person or a Kallaboo." Like other children's books such as Eek! My Ink! this book takes young readers on a journey through life and language and is sure to become a quick family favorite.

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