How I Got Off That Tree Limb
by Dr. Gregory Harris
Ink Start Media

"I have been blessed over the years to have many opportunities to reach for the stars."

Author Harris recalls the incidents and inspirations that he has encountered on his life’s path in this engaging autobiography. His inner aspirations were evident from his early school days when he demonstrated abilities in graphic arts and was encouraged to use his creativity, writing a play in fifth grade. His Christian upbringing led him to organize a revival meeting at his church, and it was there, in 1982, that a preacher urged him to “Get off that limb,” explaining that one can’t make apple pie until one picks the apple from the tree, a lesson that Harris has carried with him ever since.

After vocal cord surgery as a teen, Harris began his rise to success as a singer. His varied life experiences, though sometimes sorrowful, such as the loss of close relatives and struggles in marriage, were bolstered by religious faith and striving to achieve. He taught elementary school, observing how children learn and how school systems and government might improve that process. He believes teachers are overworked and that children need counseling on “things in life that are just as important as reading and math.” His musical talents have brought him widespread recognition, increasing his wish to share a musical ministry.

Harris, who has recorded his songs and led choirs in his zeal for spreading the gospel, writes his life story with well-grounded frankness. He hopes that readers may heed his example to succeed, devising a plan of action and following through, as he has done. Parts of his book are presented as religious outreach based on the lessons he has learned and from which he is sure others can benefit. His humble beginnings and open attitude, underpinned by a series of notable successes, should serve as rich material for discussion and encouragement among like-minded readers.

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