"Waiting to be inspired is simply foolish."

The world is not a place to doddle. The challenges of everyday life have people constantly in motion. Each new day is filled to the brim with tasks that demand attention, but human impulses to hit the snooze button or leave it for tomorrow can land many in trouble. As the author of this engaging new book states, time management is not often the problem. Rather, it is a crisis of emotion management.

Too many have grown accustomed to putting tasks or projects off until the moment they become inspired or for that magic hour before they are due when all the creative juices rush out in a burst of excitement. Practices such as these are folly and, as the book states, wholly unnecessary. Procrastination can wreak havoc on one's life, career, and health. It can also shut people out from the better aspects of life and community.

Not only does the book offer helpful types and positive habit creation techniques, but it is also filled with useful data to support the claims. As the author notes, procrastination has nothing to do with being lazy. Despite the public perception, those that take part in it are usually very hard on themselves. The beauty of this book is that the author never talks down or belittles the reader. Instead, there is a dedicated focus towards establishing awareness of one's actions and a missionary desire to achieve difficult tasks. So for all the millions of procrastinators, this is a book that can help one recapture one's place in a busy world.

Honorable Mention in the 2022 Eric Hoffer Book Award Self-Help Category

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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