"There are new beginnings everywhere, no matter how great the loss."

On the journey of self-discovery and renewal, the right words at the right time can be like a guiding light that helps lead the way to deeper wisdom and meaningful growth. Grewall's book seeks to shine that light through revelatory essays, fables, stories, and quotes. This practical and inspiring book emphasizes the power individuals have to change their lives and set a course for self-improvement. Wisdom abounds in many forms throughout the guide, and Grewall incorporates thought exercises and bulleted reminders at the end of each essay. She also provides morals in a bite-size sentence at the end of each fable. The essays and fables combine to tackle a range of relevant topics that will help readers begin to transform their lives through careful reflection and inspired action.

The book is divided into several parts that provide compelling content on every page. The first part prompts readers to examine their own lives. Grewall's patient and soothing voice is a balm and a gentle prod, a generous mix of comfort and motivation. She invites readers to connect deeply and personally to the content with questions and blank pages for notes. Many passages beckon to be underlined and highlighted for re-reading and reminding. The second part of the book uplifts readers with helpful excerpts from books and materials written by other life coaches. This collected insight offers up more encouragement and connection for readers as they travel the sometimes lonely road to genuine personal transformation. With the voice of a teacher, the experience of a life coach, and the heart of a friend, Grewall reaches out from the pages to give the gift of empowerment to those who desire change in their lives.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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